1. ChatGPT 4.0 — Release Notes
  2. NASA’s SpaceX Crew-5 to Discuss Mission Following Return to Earth 
  3. Quantum Computing Is the Future, and Schools Need to Catch Up 
  4. Penetration Testing with Kali Linux 2023 released: New modules, exercises, challenges (PEN-200) 
  5. Scientists synthesize rare earth element key for biomedical research 
  6. Fedora Workstation 38 Is Shaping Up To Be Another Fantastic Release 
  7. In a first, a Sony CubeSat propeled itself in orbit using water vapor 
  8. ARTEMIS – UCLA’s most advanced humanoid robot – gets ready for action 
  9. Asus Tinker V is the company’s first single-board PC with a RISC-V chip 
  10. The best 4TB SSD you can buy is on sale right now for the cheapest it’s ever been
  11. Biologists Figured Out How to Generate New Neurons in the Adult Brain, Revolutionizing Neurodegenerative Disease Research.   
  12. Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop: Which Should You Buy? 
  13. Porsche confirms electric 718, Macan and Cayenne as part of EV roadmap 
  14. Surface changes observed on a Venusian volcano during the Magellan mission 
  15. Păsărică
  16. Red , Yellow, Blue

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