1. Researchers focus AI on finding exoplanets 
  2. How AI Writing Tools Like ChatGPT Can Make Marketing Easier
  3. Samsung cuts back on legacy nodes to support 3nm chip production 
  4. Jupiter now has the most moons in the solar system, beating Saturn thanks to 12 newfound satellites 
  5. Neuroprosthetics in systems neuroscience and medicine
  6. Earthquake in Turkey and Syria: How satellites can help rescue efforts
  7. Going small and thin for better hydrogen storage 
  8. Engineers invent vertical, full-color microscopic LEDs 
  9. Using edge-decorated nanocarbons for sustainable hydrogen production
  10. Light Field Lab raises $50M to manufacture its SolidLight holographic displays 
  11. Solar-Powered Skydweller Completes First Autonomous Flights
  12. Major Breakthrough Paves The Way For Powerful Quantum Computers Today
  13. De clătit ochii


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