1. Asleep at the wheel. Literally: Woman driver is filmed snoozing in her Tesla for FIFTEEN MINUTES at 70mph on California highway
  2. Google may turn your Android phone into a plug-and-play USB webcam
  3. Huge meteorite discovered in Antarctica contains oldest material in solar system 
  4. Study reveals salps play outsize role in damping global warming
  5. Astronomers observe light bending around an isolated white dwarf 
  6. Increased Rocket Launches Could Undo The Ozone Layer’s Recovery
  7. This 8K monitor has 3D tech that can be viewed from all angles  
  8. Ad Blockers Could Be Helpful for Your Privacy
  9. Hornetsecurity unveils two tools to counter rise in phishing attacks and malicious links 
  10. You Might Survive a Nuclear Blast—if You Have the Right Shelter
  11.  These 6 Gadgets Make Life Easier and More Energy Efficient
  12. ‘Star Trek: Picard’ Season 3 trailer offers an emotional farewell to ‘The Next Generation’ 


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